On Demand Webinar

Unlocking the Power of SAST in GitLab: A Deep Dive

Original Date September 28, 2023
Length 18 minutes

Join Jeremy Dodson, CISO at NextLink Labs, for a focused webinar that dives into the world of Static Application Security Testing (SAST) with GitLab. In just 25 minutes, grasp how SAST can proactively identify vulnerabilities in your codebase and learn to implement it seamlessly within your GitLab workflow. This webinar is essential for software developers, security professionals, and anyone interested in strengthening their application security.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gain a foundational understanding of what SAST is and why it’s crucial for application security.
  • Learn to integrate SAST into your GitLab CI/CD pipeline for automated security checks.
  • Discover how to interpret SAST reports for actionable insights.
  • Explore case studies that illustrate the effectiveness of SAST in preempting security incidents.
  • Engage in a brief but valuable Q&A session to clarify any questions you may have.

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