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NextLink Lab’s Approach to DevOps

DevOps is more than tooling—it is a methodology designed to deliver, maintain, and secure software efficiently and on budget. Adopting or improving a DevOps program can be incredibly difficult and costly to tackle alone. Our team of industry experts truly understands the challenges you are facing. This understanding enables our team to deliver practical and transformational solutions to your software teams.

Featured Technologies

Our team has deep expertise in implementing and enabling teams with the following technologies:

DevOps Solutions


DevSecOps Strategy & Implementation Plan

NextLink Labs' DSIP gives you access to best-in-class DevSecOps expertise to guide you through identifying cohesive and uniform standards for deploying software, managing cloud infrastructure, and leading software development teams.

Our industry-driven approach to DevSecOps can be adopted with great efficiencies by any team. This consultative engagement will level up your organization in the areas of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Infrastructure, Observability, Security, Release, and Collaboration.

Value Stream Assessment

Accelerate the rate at which you deliver software through our Value Stream Assessment.

NextLink Labs' Value Stream Assessment reviews current architecture and ensures that applications are secure, compliant, and benefiting from new tools in the market.


Cloud Native Accelerator

Our team of experts will guide your team through the foundational aspects of Cloud Native. We will help you adopt best practices, make technology and process decisions, and educate your team.

Cloud Consulting & Best Practice Guidance

Our team of experts will guide your team through the foundational aspects of Cloud. We will help you adopt best practices, make technology and process decisions, and educate your team.


Cloud Architecture Design & Implementation

Our team will help design and even build out your cloud architecture. If you are new to the cloud or just want to make sure things are done correctly, we will help you reach your business goals.


Optimize Your Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

Transform your development processes with NextLink Labs’ Value Stream Workshop. We focus on identifying and resolving inefficiencies, integrating security at every stage, and aligning practices with industry standards. Our experts provide personalized recommendations for enhancing workflow efficiency, security, and compliance.


Key Benefits:

  1. Streamlined Workflows: Eliminate bottlenecks and improve process efficiency.
  2. Enhanced Security: Integrate robust security measures throughout the SDLC.
  3. Industry Alignment: Align practices with current benchmarks and standards.

" Take the first step towards a more efficient and secure development process with our no-cost workshop. "

Relevant Case Studies

How a DevSecOps plan led to a business breakthrough
The software driven organization purchased GitLab, but they soon found that their team was not set up to implement the technology and the processes that the business needed to succeed.
GitLab referred the software driven organization’s Senior Software Development Manager to NextLink Labs to help the business get on track.
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Accu-Trade Partners with NextLink Labs to Power-up its Digital Trading Platform and Achieve DevOps Excellence
The company is the market leader in their industry. They found tremendous success by prioritizing feature development for over 20 years, but they were also saddled with technical debt. After being acquired, the new CTO stepped in and decided to hit pause on their digital innovation initiatives. Too many issues were occurring in production and they needed to catch up.
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