Drive Project Success with GitLab Agile Project Management

The GitLab Agile Project Management training is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the GitLab Plan stage and its features. This hands-on training session, delivered by experienced GitLab trainers, provides an overview of the Plan stage and its capabilities. Over the course of two 4-hour days, attendees will learn how to use issues, epics, milestones, iterations, labels, roadmaps, burndown charts, and boards, among other features.
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Elevate Your Project Management Game with GitLab Agile Training

In today's fast-paced software development landscape, effective project management is the key to success. Our GitLab Agile Project Management training course is your pathway to mastering the GitLab Plan stage, empowering you to drive projects to success efficiently and with precision. Delivered by seasoned GitLab experts, this hands-on training provides you with the skills and knowledge needed to optimize your project management workflow. Here are three compelling reasons why you should enroll today:

  • Comprehensive Learning: Gain a deep understanding of GitLab's Plan stage and its versatile tools, including epics, milestones, boards, and more, allowing you to streamline project management.
  • Hands-On Experience: Put theory into practice with practical exercises, equipping you with the expertise to efficiently organize projects, create issues, and employ agile methodologies.
  • Versatile Audience: Designed for individuals and teams at all levels, from beginners to experienced project managers, this course caters to anyone involved in planning, tracking, and managing projects, ensuring that you stay at the forefront of agile project management.

Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your project management skills. Join our GitLab Agile Project Management training course and lead your projects to success with confidence!

2 days, 4 hours each day
Public Classroom Pricing

Individual: $499 (USD)
Group Rate: Contact for pricing

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Day 1

Introduction to the Plan Stage (45 minutes)

  • Introduction to the GitLab Plan stage and its place in the GitLab workflow
  • Overview of the GitLab Flow
  • Lab: Accessing the GitLab Training Environment

Project Organization in GitLab (1 hour)

  • Overview of organizing projects and groups in GitLab
  • Explanation of roles, permissions, and visibility
  • Lab: Creating an organizational structure

Using GitLab to Plan & Start Projects (1 hour)

  • Introduction to epics, milestones, iterations, roadmaps, and issue boards
  • Overview of documentation with wikis
  • Lab: Using GitLab planning tools

Introduction to Issues (1 hour)

  • Overview of issues in GitLab
  • Explanation of labels and collaboration on issues
  • Lab: Creating project issues

Day 2

Deep Dive into Issues (1 hour)

  • Explanation of issue metadata fields and operations
  • Overview of quick actions and description templates
  • Introduction to the Service Desk
  • Lab: Organizing and performing operations on issues

Merge Requests (45 minutes)

  • Overview of merge requests in GitLab
  • Explanation of merge request metadata fields and To-Do list
  • Lab: Using a merge request to review and merge code

Issue Boards (45 minutes)

  • Explanation of the purpose of issue boards
  • Overview of issue board structure and criteria
  • Introduction to issue board details
  • Lab: Creating and customizing issue boards

Issue Boards (45 minutes)

  • Overview of general best practices in workflow
  • Introduction to Kanban, Scrum, and Waterfall workflows
  • Lab: Creating and managing boards for each workflow method

The expected outcomes of the GitLab Agile Project Management training course are:

  • Comprehensive Understanding of GitLab Plan Stage: Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of GitLab's Plan stage and its features, including issues, epics, milestones, iterations, labels, roadmaps, burndown charts, and boards.
  • Efficient Project Management: Attendees will learn how to manage projects more efficiently using GitLab, resulting in increased productivity, better project organization, and streamlined project planning and execution.
  • Hands-On Practice: Through hands-on labs and practical exercises, participants will gain practical experience in using GitLab's planning tools, creating and managing issues, organizing projects and groups, and utilizing boards effectively.
  • Versatile Audience: The course caters to a wide range of participants, including individuals or teams getting started with GitLab for their Plan stage, project managers seeking improved project management techniques, developers and engineers responsible for project management, and anyone involved in planning, tracking, and managing projects.
  • Knowledge of GitLab Tiers: Attendees will also gain insights into GitLab's three pricing tiers (Free, Premium, and Ultimate), including the benefits of upgrading to higher tiers, enabling them to make informed decisions about their toolset.
  • Versatility in Workflow Methods: Participants will understand various workflow methods, including Kanban, Scrum, and Waterfall, and learn how to create and manage boards for each method.
  • Flexible Delivery Options: The course offers flexibility with both remote and on-site delivery options, catering to individual preferences and scheduling needs.
  • Small Class Size: With limited class sizes, participants receive personalized attention and support to maximize their learning experience.
By the end of this training, individuals and teams will be well-equipped with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to effectively manage projects using GitLab, resulting in more efficient project planning, execution, and better project outcomes.

Attendee local setup (for all courses)

  • Operating System: Attendees must bring their own laptop or desktop that runs either macOS, Linux, or Windows operating systems.
  • Internet Access: Attendees need Internet access with the ability to reach websites via http/https.

This Course is for: Anyone who plans, tracks, and manages projects, including project managers, program managers, product owners, and scrum masters

Individual Prerequisite knowledge:

  • High-level knowledge of the software development lifecycle
  • Familiarity with Scrum, Kanban, or other project management workflows
  • Topics covered in the GitLab with Git Fundamentals course or equivalent experience with Git and GitLab is recommended but not required

Equipment/System Prerequisites:

  • GitLab Lab Environment Access: Attendees require access to the GitLab lab environment to participate in the hands-on activities.
  • Unique invitation codes are handed out on the first day of class by the instructors.
  • Access to an instance with all paid features and capabilities turned on is provided during the training session, features are not always available with the free version (GitLab CE) of GitLab.

Course Outline

Audience / Prerequisites

In this class you will learn how to...


GitLab Agile Project Management Schedule



$499 / Person

June 27 & 28, 2024