Discover the Power of GitLab with Our Comprehensive Migration Guide

Considering a GitLab migration? NextLink Labs offers comprehensive guidance to ensure a smooth transition. Our GitLab Migration Guide covers everything from initial planning and cost reduction to security enhancements and advanced DevOps practices. Equip your team with the tools for a successful migration. Download the guide and optimize your DevOps processes today.

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Improving your DevSecOps Practice with the LaunchDarkly Platform

Rolling out a new flagship feature or managing a large-scale migration doesn't have to be a stressful endeavor for your organization. The LaunchDarkly platform provides a full suite of tools to reduce the risk for these types of changes, and our upcoming webinar is set to demystify this process, showing you how the right tools and strategies can improve your DevOps culture and give you the confidence to execute.

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Secure Coding Fundamentals: Addressing Key Risks in Software Development

Explore secure coding essentials in our webinar, highlighting key vulnerabilities in modern software development. This session covers common risks like Injection Flaws and Broken Authentication, offering insights to guide teams toward secure application development. Understand cybersecurity risks and strategies to mitigate them. Enhance your ability to champion a security-first culture in your software development. Join us to strengthen your approach.

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Unlocking GitLab and Kubernetes Potential - A Powerful Duo for Speed, Security, and Efficiency

Join Jordan Saunders, CEO and Founder of NextLink Labs, on this webinar demonstrating the powerful combination of GitLab and Kubernetes. Learn how GitLab and Kubernetes fit together in a secure and straightforward manner to bring new functionality, speed, and agility to your software development life cycle.

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Unlocking the Power of SAST in GitLab: A Deep Dive

Join Jeremy Dodson, CISO at NextLink Labs, for a focused webinar that dives into the world of Static Application Security Testing (SAST) with GitLab. In just 25 minutes, grasp how SAST can proactively identify vulnerabilities in your codebase and learn to implement it seamlessly within your GitLab workflow. This webinar is essential for software developers, security professionals, and anyone interested in strengthening their application security.


Security Incident Response and GitLab: What You Need to Know

Join Jeremy Dodson, CISO at NextLink Labs, for an informative webinar on security incident response with GitLab. Learn how to create an effective response plan, utilize GitLab’s powerful tools, and gain insights from real-world scenarios. A must-attend for anyone looking to enhance their incident response capabilities in today’s evolving threat landscape.

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Security-Centric IT/OT Convergence: A Pathway to Resilient Operations

In an era where Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) are increasingly intertwined, the importance of a security-centric approach to their integration is paramount. This webinar delves into the intricate relationship between IT and OT, with a spotlight on the cybersecurity considerations necessary for robust, resilient operations.

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Driving Results with Security Scanning in GitLab

Software security is vital in our digital age, especially when deploying software through Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) practices. Our upcoming webinar explores the role of security scanning in your software development lifecycle (SDLC) using GitLab.

This webinar is ideal for software developers, cybersecurity professionals, DevOps engineers, or anyone keen on learning about secure software development practices.

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Accelerating Time to Value and ROI with your DevOps Platforms

Listen to NextLink Labs CEO Jordan Saunders and Gitlab's Senior Channel Solutions Architect Bart Zhang as they discuss how adopting DevOps leads to ROI for your business. In this talk our experts will discuss the things businesses need to focus on to get value from their DevOps adoption. We will discuss some practical examples of what an implementation may look like using Gitlab as a DevOps platform.

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How the Principles Behind Shifting Left of Bang Can Improve DevOps Security

Shifting left of bang is all about detecting danger before it happens so we can avoid disaster. Read our white paper to learn how adopting this way of thinking in your DevOps program can improve your cyber situational awareness. Take a look at the simple, proactive steps we follow at NextLink Labs.

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Secure Sky

Best Practices for Building a Better Security Posture in the Cloud
In this white paper, produced by NextLink Labs and SecureSky, you'll learn about using cloud functionality to build a better security posture to achieve better business outcomes.

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