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NextLink Lab’s Approach to Cybersecurity

In a world where data drives competitive advantage, a robust cybersecurity foundation is crucial for success. Organizations must prioritize the protection of their valuable data and essential infrastructure to stay ahead of evolving threats.

Our team has a solid understanding of the unique challenges and complexities around cybersecurity, and we specialize in providing tailored solutions to fortify your digital defenses.

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Our team has deep expertise in implementing and enabling teams with the following technologies:
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Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity Strategy & Implementation Plan (CSIP)

A solid cybersecurity foundation is key. Our team of cybersecurity experts will work closely with your team to understand your business objectives, review your existing security policies and procedures, and conduct interviews with key personnel. 

Cybersecurity Data Protection Initiative (CDPI)

Protect the data that drives your business. Our team of experts will help your organization develop robust data protection strategies, implement appropriate security controls, and produce evidence of good data stewardship.

Ransomware Controls & Maturity Assessment (RCMA)

Don’t let ransomware catch you off-guard. Our team will assess your organization's resilience to ransomware attacks, identify potential vulnerabilities, and provide recommendations to strengthen your defenses against this ever-evolving threat.

Digital Transformation & Cybersecurity Implementation (DTCI)

Strengthen your DevSecOps and Cybersecurity programs with confidence. Our DTCI service gives you support and guidance from industry-leading experts on your journey through your program implementation process. Whether your team simply wants guidance or you need hands-on help, we can tailor the implementation experience to match your needs.

Preliminary Risk Evaluation (PRE)

A Preliminary Risk Evaluation is a snapshot into your cybersecurity health. Our team of cybersecurity professionals will engage in discussions with your team, getting a brief overview of your existing security measures and understanding your business objectives. From this preliminary engagement, we’ll provide insights into potential vulnerabilities and highlight areas for improvement, setting the stage for a more in-depth analysis and strategy.

Cybersecurity Posture Review (CPR)

Elevate your cybersecurity stance. With the Cybersecurity Posture Review, our seasoned experts delve deep, analyzing your entire cybersecurity infrastructure over two weeks. Through a combination of examining current practices, conducting in-depth interviews with key personnel, and assessing alignment with industry standards, we craft a meticulous and actionable roadmap. 

Vulnerability Assessment Service (VAS)

Identify and mitigate vulnerabilities with our VAS. Our cybersecurity experts conduct thorough analysis of your systems to pinpoint security weaknesses and provide clear, prioritized recommendations for remediation.

Table Top Exercise (TTX)

Prepare your team for cybersecurity incidents with our TTX. This simulated scenario-based training sharpens decision-making skills, ensuring your team is ready to respond effectively to real-world threats.


External Network Penetration Test (ENPT)

Test your defenses from an outsider's perspective with our ENPT. We simulate cyber-attacks on your external networks to identify weaknesses and recommend robust security enhancements.

Internal Network Penetration Test (INPT)

Secure your internal networks with our INPT. Our experts mimic insider threats, uncovering vulnerabilities within your network to fortify your defenses against potential breaches.


Social Engineering Phishing Campaign (SEPC)

Raise awareness and resilience against phishing attacks with our SEPC. Through simulated phishing campaigns, we help your team recognize and respond to social engineering tactics, enhancing your organizational security culture.

Document Creation

Develop a clear cybersecurity framework with our Document Creation service. We specialize in crafting customized policies, procedures, and guidelines, including security policies, incident response plans, and training materials, to bolster your organization's cybersecurity posture.


Cybersecurity Support Services

Gain an in-house cybersecurity team without the overhead. Our Cybersecurity Support Services provide direct access to Principal Cybersecurity Specialists for hands-on support. They'll work with you to mitigate risks, enhance security measures, and ensure compliance, acting as an integral part of your team.

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The software-driven organization purchased GitLab, but they soon found that their team was not set up to implement the technology and the processes that the business needed to succeed.

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