Our Team

Founded by developers. Focused on consulting and technical execution.

About Us

NextLink Labs, with an office in Pittsburgh, is a consulting and technical execution company founded by developers. It was built with the mindset that in order for companies, teams, and products to scale the engineer on those projects must be put in a position to succeed.

From our experience, projects that strongly consider an engineer's happiness and productivity are more likely to be on time, more efficient, and scale/age well. Work-life balance is important to us. Taking a vested interest in the growth of our clients is equally important.

Our Team

Jordan Saunders CEO
Jordan Saunders has 12 years' experience in this industry. He is dedicated to upholding our company values and delivering the greatest possible experience to our partners.
Matt Haluska Director Of Strategic Initiatives
In early 2019, Matt joined the team at NextLink Labs to help develop digital transformation solutions for small- and medium-sized companies to optimize business outcomes and meet the demands of an ever-increasing digital marketplace.
Jeremy Dodson Chief Information Security Officer
Jeremy Dodson has more than 25 years in cybersecurity and information technologies. He is committed to helping companies secure their data, stay current with security practices, and maintain compliance regulations.
Jay Korpi Principal Cybersecurity Specialist
A 21-year veteran of the United States Air Force, Jay is a subject matter expert in social engineering and human intelligence (HUMINT) operations. Jay is also a seasoned red team coordinator as well as an expert in physical intrusion and assessments.
Leah Dodson Principal Cybersecurity Specialist
Leah has over 10 years of cybersecurity experience, specializing in technical documentation, policy and program development, and compliance. She is dedicated to helping companies across industries undergo digital transformation with a secure foundation.
Colin Soleim Principal Software Engineer
For the past 8 years, Colin has worked with dozens of companies to deploy high-quality, well-tested products. He enjoys working with organizations large and small to introduce processes that encourage open communication and better code quality.
Narin Budhiraja Principal Engineer
A seasoned cloud architect, application designer and personable tech professional, Narin is passionate about architecture, software, automation, and leading projects to success.
Mike Juliano Software Engineer
A highly-motivated, full stack web and mobile developer specializing in React, Django, Angular, AngularJS, Typescript, and Node.
Kyle Johnson Software Engineer
​An ambitious full-stack software developer specializing in Python/Django applications, DevOps, and Big Data.
Dustin Gault Software Engineer
With degrees in philosophy, microbiology, and clinical laboratory science, Dustin started his career in laboratory research and clinical pediatric medicine. In 2014, Dustin pivoted into Software Engineering and he now specializes in python, Django, Rails, AWS, and Full Stack Development.
Michael Datz DevOps Engineer
Graduating in 2021 with a degree in Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh, Michael is excited to utilize his knowledge of programming as well as explore his passion for DevOps.
Kat Roll Software Engineer
Graduating in 2019 with a degree in Math, Kat is pursuing a passion in software development specializing in React and Ruby on Rails.
Jeffrey "Zee" Zivkovic Fullstack Engineer
In his first life, Zee loved teaching math and coding to middle-school students. Now he's thrilled to be developing great software for NextLinkLabs, specializing in Ruby on Rails and React.
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