This business was unprepared for
their security & compliance audits...

Project Overview

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Because of the business’s industry and its operations, the business needed to comply with GDPR, PII, and PHI data regulations and requirements.

But first—they needed to rebuild and understand the business’s infrastructure and security architecture.

  • And that is no small problem.

Teams Involved:

  • checklist-icon C-Suite
  • checklist-icon Systems
  • checklist-icon Applications
  • checklist-icon Software
  • checklist-icon Engineering
  • checklist-icon Internal Security


Problem #1 An inherited, legacy environment

People no longer at the company had left behind an undocumented environment.

And as new engineers came on board, they were trying to make sense of things— infrastructure, architecture, compliance requirements, operations. You name it. This took them back to the drawing board.


Problem #2 No standardized practices

Because there were no standardized practices, teams weren't on the same page.

Which put the business at high risk if an incident were to occur.


Problem #3 Little documentation

The business hoped to get their SOC 2. But preparing their artifacts and objective evidence would take heavy lifting.

Not to mention all the work needed to get to this stage.


Problem #4 Unprotected client data

At the end of the day, client data wasn’t as protected as it should be. And this was highly risky for the business.

In short: The business needed better
security practices for client data.


  • cross-icon-purple

    No Disaster Recovery Plan 

  • cross-icon-yellow

    No Incident Response Plan

  • cross-icon-red

    No Cybersecurity Program

  • cross-icon-red

    No SOC 2 Certification

  • cross-icon-purple

    Non-Compliant with Privacy Regulations

But CSIP helps

NextLink Labs recommended partnering with the business to do a Cybersecurity Strategy & Implementation Plan. Completely unique to the business’s situation.

And then the business would get additional help from NextLink Labs to implement their roadmap—standardizing best practices, growing team capabilities, and implementing controls.

This would leave the business with the documents they need as well as a more secure environment that can mature as the business grows.


NextLink Lab’s Cybersecurity Strategy & Implementation Plan (CSIP) is a holistic review of your cybersecurity practices, assessing your organization’s current maturity level and providing an action plan against which success can be measured.

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Make audits easier

Data and privacy requirements are strict. But the business’s internal process documentation was a bit flimsy.

All teams needed to be on the same page.

And they didn’t want an external partner just coming in and doing the work for them—

The teams wanted to learn. Be empowered with knowledge, and be able to maintain what was built. To be self-reliant in the future.

NextLink Labs met with their entire development team often, answering questions and having conversations about the best path for the business.

By partnering with NextLink Labs, the business was getting help at the upper level and on the ground with developers.

  • This part of the engagement proved super valuable to everyone involved.

And from NextLink's conversations with those teams, they were now prepared for interviews, demonstrations, and technical review."


Deliverables Produced:


Thorough Documentation


Standardized Practices


Cybersecurity Roadmap


Cybersecurity Education

A new competitive advantage

Now that the business has a cybersecurity roadmap, teams better understand how to make their Disaster Recovery Plan. And the business has the flexibility to pivot without any loss of effort—they can adjust their business approach with efficiency and peace of mind, knowing they've built a strong foundation.


  • reward-icon-purple Incident Response Plan
  • reward-icon-yellow Cybersecurity Program
  • reward-icon-red SOC 2 Compliance Roadmap
  • reward-icon-red Compliant with Privacy Regulations
  • reward-icon-purple Data Protection
  • reward-icon-yellow Ransomware Control Strategies

When’s your audit?

If your development, security, and operations have no guiding force, a Cybersecurity Strategy & Implementation Plan could put your business on the right path.

So you maintain trust with your clients. And help your teams work together effectively.

See how NextLink Labs can prepare your business.

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