GitLab Training Partner

Take Your GitLab Skills to the Next Level: Get Up and Running with GitLab

Maximize your GitLab potential with our workshop designed by GitLab Professional Service Engineers at NextLink Labs. This comprehensive training, suitable for new and existing clients, covers the features and capabilities available based on your license tier. Enhance your DevSecOps and Cybersecurity strategies and adopt GitLab as your One DevOps Platform with the help of experienced partners.


Who Can Benefit?

Group 11 2

New and current GitLab clients looking to make the most of their GitLab experience.

Group 13-1

Clients seeking bespoke guidance specific to their environment and goals.

Group 43-1

Clients with complex environments and a large tool sprawl.

Group 21

Teams looking to centralize their capabilities for enhanced collaboration.

Group 15

Teams looking for a shorter adjustment period and smoother transition for active projects.

What Does the Workshop Cover?

Group 11-1

Where to locate resources applicable for the current license tier and discuss best practices.

Group 17

How to configure GitLab with custom use cases relevant to each client.

Group 19

How to map functionality within the GitLab interface and integrate current tools into the GitLab ecosystem.

Group 23

Limitations of current tier capabilities, and potential upgrade benefits (where applicable).

Group 13 2

A reasonable upgrade path and suggested timeline (where applicable).

Course Details

  • Hands-on labs and demonstrations to reinforce learning
  • Slides with notes and reference links provided for attendees
  • Class sizes are limited to a maximum of 12 attendees (additional seats available with seat add-on)

Remote Delivery

  • Two 4-hour sessions presented on separate days
  • $5,000 for remote delivery 

On-Site Delivery

  • Single 9-hour session, including 1 hour for lunch
  • $7,000 for on-site delivery (plus travel expenses for each instructor)
Group 9-1
gitlab parter bar v7

Our experts are developers who use GitLab daily and can guide clients through the initial steps of implementation. As trusted, select partners and dedicated users, NextLink Labs is invested in supporting GitLab and proving quality services to all clients.