Cybersecurity Data Protection Initiative

Safeguard Your Sensitive Data With a Cybersecurity Data Protection Initiative

Our Cybersecurity Data Protection Initiative helps your organization focus its security efforts on one of the most critical and most targeted components of your environment: data.

We are dedicated to helping prioritize what's important to you, decrease risk to your data assets, and establish a strong foundation for data security within your organization.


We Will Help You Create Comprehensive Data Defenses Against Cyber Threats


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From Analysis to Action: Our Comprehensive Approach to Cybersecurity Data Protection


Discovery and Planning

Our team of experts will work closely with you to create an engagement plan, collect the necessary documentation, identify key personnel, and access relevant technologies.

We strive to gain a deeper insight into the processes, business goals, and data lifecycles that drive your business. 


Process and Technical Review

Our team of experts will review all of your collected documentation and conduct targeted interviews to assess your current compliance and regulatory requirements.

We'll also examine any additional security measures you've put in place to ensure your business is protected against potential threats.


Data Flow Mapping Exercise

Our team will work with yours to identify the flow of data within your environment, from creation to deletion, in order to better understand how data is processed, used, and protected.

We will also discuss the security controls you may already have in place to protect data during its lifecycle, identify potential gaps in the current data protection strategy, and make improvements to minimize data exposure to cyber threats.


Cybersecurity Data Protection Maturity Analysis

Our team will analyze the collated data against applicable industry standards, key frameworks, and relevant regulations. 

We will then discuss your organizational goals and data obligations to determine the desired maturity baselines for each security control.  


Delivery and Knowledge Transfer

Our team will document and deliver a comprehensive Cybersecurity Data Protection Initiative (CDPI) customized to your organization's needs.

Based on the baselines established in our previous phase, we'll provide you with detailed documentation outlining and prioritizing the processes, technologies, and timelines necessary to meet your data protection objectives.

Generate Evidence of Good Data Stewardship

Data is not only an important asset for YOUR organization, it's also important for your clients

NextLink Labs strives to help your teams promptly generate evidence of your commitment to protecting any data you create, collect, store, and process.

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Adopt Proactive Detection and Response Capabilities

Effective data protection relies on detecting potential threats before they result in data breaches or other security incidents.

NextLink Labs will help you identify advanced security technologies and techniques that can give your organization enhanced insight and a clear cyber advantage.

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Improve Collaboration and Communication Between Security and Organization Teams

EVERY organizational team handles data in a variety of ways. So why task just one with data security?

NextLink Labs' team of experts will help you establish a culture of security awareness and collaboration that enhances your technical protections.

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The engineers at NextLink Labs are some of the most gifted software engineers I know. NextLink Labs has incredible vision and is exceptional at leverging the latest technologies. The team is professional, cnadid when necessary, and trustworthy. This is a company you build a business with.

Mike Embrescia Chief Development Officer Carnegie Robotics

Every single member of the team that we worked with was professional, responsive, and helpful. As a small company, we were able to effectively partner with NextLink Labs on a wide variety of topics ranging from graphic design best practices to data security and compliance considerations.

Mary Fox Vice President, Strategic Growth & Business Development The Insighters

Prior to hiring NextLink Labs, we didn’t have a lot of involvement with our side agencies. But we started working with the NextLink team and the partnership grew to where they helped source staff and bring our DevOps up to speed. Now, we trust NextLink Labs to provide leadership to that side of our business. We see NextLink Labs as a trusted advisor and partner in our DevOps practice.

Jeff Zamora Chief Technical Officer Accu-Trade

I’ve worked with a lot of vendors in the past and most are unwilling to have uneasy conversations. Even during difficult times, the NextLink team is a pleasure to work with and really does have the best interest of the client in mind.

Andy Petro Chief Operations Officer The Hope Learning Center

We partnered with NextLink Labs to perform an assessment of our internal software development practices and projects. We loved how thorough their process was and how their assessment covered not just our software development but also our architecture and infrastructure. It gave us a practical blueprint for how to quickly move forward with our product and allowed us to confidently grow our SaaS platform to support our client needs.

Mike Hrabik Chief Executive Officer SecureSky

ECI uses enterprise business intelligence tools to help tell a story about the multiple streams of data coming from our parent company’s systems. We partnered with NextLink Labs to consolidate our varied information sources into a scalable, reliable database solution to power our data visualization tools.

Scott Rogers Chief Technology Officer ECI Environmental Consultants